Burgundy Serenity Crochet Vest

Ooo... I have a finished crochet project to show you today, friends! A happy way to begin this week indeed!

I have been working on this yarncraft endeavor for awhile. It probably would have been finished more quickly, but I have gotten into the habit of eating popcorn while I relax in the evening with my hubby and our children... which cuts into the crochet time a bit. Ha!

But here it is at last. My comfy cozy handmade vest.

This is my version of the Serenity Draped Vest by Make and Do Crew. It is two large crocheted rectangles pieced together... quite a clever idea, I think!

Rather than the yarn suggested by the pattern creator, I used Red Heart Super Saver in Burgundy. It took nearly four skeins, so the vest is much like a warm and cozy blanket hugging around my shoulders.

I like acrylic yarn... it isn't fancy, and it is readily available where I live, inexpensive, and it doesn't require special treatment in the washer. Good things, those.

Oh, and I do love fancy yarn, too, of course. All. the. yarns. {smile}

Marvin also approves of my finished project. It makes a rather comfy vest *and* cat cushion, I guess!

I was hoping to finish my vest by Thanksgiving... and I finished it *on* Thanksgiving Day, while dinner was cooking in the oven. A nice little detail, right? (yes!)

Have a lovely day, friends. Craft on!

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