A Grateful Heart

It is Thanksgiving evening as I type these words... such a lovely day, it was. At this moment, some of the children are sitting at the table with me. My dear hubby and the youngest children are engaged in a boisterous game involving foam darts, targets, running about the house, and lots of laughter.

And my grand-dog Juno is resting at my feet... happy to not be part of the foam dart antics, I suppose. {smile}

It was a wonderful day of family togetherness... and our far away adult son was even a part of our dinner, in a way, as his video chat call came just as the feasting began. Perfect timing. Thank you, Lord.

Here are some snippets of Thanksgiving day at our place.

Our youngest boy had the very important job of stirring up the veggie / chip dip...

Our eleven year old girl made her family-famous spinach roll-ups... kind of. At the last minute, I realized I had forgotten to buy the frozen spinach. Oops! So we used a can of drained spicy tomatoes instead and found it to be even tastier than the spinach version.

So these are our girl's family-famous spinach spicy tomato roll-ups. Yum!

Let the eating begin! We traditionally eat appetizer foods for breakfast on Thanksgiving day...

Mid-afternoon, a few of us ventured outdoors for some fresh air and sunshine. A jackrabbit darted across the pasture just after I snapped this photo... he was hiding in the tall grass. Surprise!

While the kids ran around the pasture, Hubby and Juno and I walked down to the creek. It was lovely to spend a bit of the afternoon at one of my very favorite places in the world, and to pause and savor the moment with a thankful heart.

And then the feast! There was even more food all around the kitchen, it wouldn't all fit on the little breakfast island. We enjoyed our traditional favorites and tried a few new recipes, too... it was all quite delicious.

And now, it is time for dessert... we are looking forward to pumpkin pie and cherry pie and apple crisp. So many good eats today, and so much to be thankful for. Blessings abound indeed.

Thank you for coming by my blog this week, friends... and I do hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as ours was. May your cup be brimful with things to be grateful for! Have a wonderful weekend.


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