A Grateful Heart

Good day from our snowy homestead, friends. It is 37 degrees (F) at our place this morning and we have a few inches of snow on the ground. But the sky is clear and the sun in shining... I just watched Matilda exit her pen and head up to the back pasture for some roaming and grazing. The day is off to a good start around here.

Here are a few snippets from my ongoing gratitude list...

:: Pumpkins. They have been a regular feature on our menu lately, and I plan to make pumpkin bars for tonight's family fun night dessert. Yum! I shared my pumpkin cornbread with you earlier this week. The recipe is here, in case you missed it. {And if you tried it, I hope you liked it!}

:: Changes. I wrote all about it over on my Run Hoop Julie blog, the changes I am making in my fitness endeavors. {see that post here} Turning around a bit, I am. Still plant-based vegan, still a fitness enthusiast, but making some necessary adjustments. I am excited about it. And a little bit nervous, too.

:: Yoga with my girl. We just started a 30-day yoga series together... I love the self-kindness and self-acceptance aspect of it. I am seeking to think about and act toward myself as I would toward one of my own dear children. That sounds a bit strange, I know... but one can never have too much Christ-based confidence, compassion, or kindness in ones life, I think.

:: Nine of us together. Plus my running buddy, Juno. Our oldest daughter is home with her dog for a few days. That happy squeal you may have just imagined was actually me. {smile}

:: My hubby. He is my rock-on-Earth, my best friend, my greatest supporter... God blessed me so when I became my hubby's wife nearly 30 years ago. I treasure our life together.

:: New things. My girls and I are planning to do some experimenting in the kitchen... I have done some research and found all kinds of ways to make vegan cheese! I used to make (dairy) cheese when we milked our goats and Matilda, but of course those days are behind me. But plant-based cheese?! How exciting is that!

:: Ordinary days. The kind of day that is cozy and warm and good... but you can't really say why. Nothing really new to share, nothing extra exciting to report. But lovely nonetheless. There have been lots of days like that around here lately. I am thankful.

I do hope your cup is brimful with gratitude and goodness, friends. Thank you for coming by my blog this week! The thought of someone reading my ramblings makes me smile. Have a good weekend!

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