What I Wore

Rather unexpected, yes?, an outfit post so soon after I first told you about my thrifty style and how that style has changed a bit... quite a bit, actually... over this past year-or-two. So... welcome to my first what I wore post. {smile} I'm not a fashion expert, by any means, but I know what I like and I do hope my appearance reflects how good I feel.

I treated myself to a mini-makeover over the weekend... While I have no interest in covering my gray hair to hide it, I earned those grays and I am proud of every one of them!, I have been wanting to try a fun shade with a slight purple tint. One of our older girls helped me choose just the right color and I do love it so much! It looks rather purple-y when the light shines on it.

And... I had a couple of piercings added to my ear over the weekend, and got a second one next to the first one on my nose. It surprises me, how much I enjoy these piercings of mine. They make me so happy every time I see them. They are an expression of creativity and joy... a display of Christ-based confidence in who I am, of being myself. {smile}

Good things for this mama indeed!

My outfit was entirely thrifted, as most of my outfits are. Our adult daughter purchased the white strapless dress and long gray sweater secondhand, and eventually passed them down (up? ha!) to me.

I borrowed the black booties from our teen daughter... she originally discovered them in a box marked "free" at our thrift store. Such a delightful surprise that was!

And those argyle socks have been in my drawer for ages. The most expensive part of my outfit they are since they cost a quarter.

I do love patterned socks, I always have!

Dress: hand-me-down (free)
Sweater: hand-me-down (free)
Booties: borrowed, originally rescued from a free box (free)
Cute socks: 25 cents

My family gave this look their vote of approval and I do agree. How fun to wear something frugal and cute to go along with my new hair color and jewelry, right?

Wishing you a lovely day, friends!

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