Pretty Feet for Matilda

Every now and again, we have to arrange for Matilda to have her hooves trimmed up. It isn't a task we can do ourselves, so she goes for an occasional overnight visit to a friend's ranch when he has his herd of cows tended to by the trimmer.

This hoof is the reason I am blessed to have Matilda... so while it does need special care, I am thankful for it. Somehow, this foot was injured by the cold weather at her previous location and the farmer didn't want to keep her, and thought he wouldn't be able to sell her because of it.

Little did that farmer know that I had been praying for *years* for us to find a Jersey cow at an affordable price. Because of that hoof, she was priced well below any other Jersey-for-sale that I had ever seen. And in the nearly ten years we have had her, the foot hasn't caused her any problems other than the regular trimming it requires.

How loved and pampered she has been since we rescued her, and she will, Lord willing, live out her days here on our gentle homestead.

So hoof trimming day had arrived and our friend came with his trailer to pick her up and take her back to his place.

We loaded her into the stock trailer and away they went to our friend's place. It was hard to watch her go, it was! She is such a mama's cow {smile} and a bit wary of people she isn't familiar with... so I repeatedly reminded myself that it was all for her own good and she would be home tomorrow.

The next day, our friend brought her back to our farm and she grazed a bit in the lower pasture. I went outdoors and called her name... "Matilda!" She raised her head and up the driveway she came.

A bit like a big overgrown puppy, she is. I love that she comes when I call her. Usually. Sometimes. Ha! On this day, she seemed quite happy to be home!

Pretty, pretty feet indeed! All of her hooves got a trim and she will be sure footed and comfortable as we head toward winter.

I wasn't the only one happy to see her. Shadow, our nearly 30 (!) year old miniature horse... another of the animals we have rescued from a previous owner that no longer wanted it... is Matilda's pasture pal and is *very* attached to Matilda.

So all is back in order around the homestead. The queen of our barnyard has returned and is looking oh so lovely, if I do say so myself.

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