People Who Inspire Me

Oh my, how unsettling the news can be these days. But even now, is the world not full of inspiring people and stories... doers of good, deeds of kindness, stories of overcoming. I love those flickers of light and find them quite encouraging.

I'm the kind of person that cries at tragic news reports and sad movies. I pray for people I have never met when I read their stories or hear of their struggles. I feel things deeply, I suppose, and I tend to be rather perceptive. Good things, those... especially since I have learned how to let go of negative influences and not be ruled by my own emotions.

All the glory belongs to God for that, indeed!

And I do love to be inspired. I find the good in others, their talents, and their accomplishments to be quite motivating.

There are specific people that come to mind... the Lord Jesus, of course, in every way. At this moment, I feel especially inspired by His love, unselfishness, meekness, and sacrifice. Oh to be like him!

And my hubby inspires me in so many ways that I won't share specifically, but do let me assure you that I have never known a more wonderful person than the man I married nearly thirty years ago.{smile} So thankful I am to be his wife, indeed.

Recently, while my hubby and I were enjoying our morning coffee together {vegan pumpkin spice for me, oh yum!} we were discussing inspirational people. And while I do have a rather long list of specific names I could share, I realized that it is a type of person that tends to inspire me, for the most part.

I am inspired by people who...

Think of others, and do something about it.
My children and I were watching some online clips together... of people doing kind things for others. Like giving sandwiches to homeless people. How easy it is to ignore the fact that we can often *do* something for someone in need. And I am reminded that praying for others is something we all can do. Right now, wherever we are.

Are good at what they do.
Even if it's a seemingly unimportant skill, I admire someone who puts time and effort into developing their interests and gifts and talents. I do believe that if something adds to the person that you are... if it makes you happy to do it... it is never a waste of time. Hoop dancing, anyone? (ahem...)

Don't care what other people think.
I don't mean that in a rebellious tone... rather, in a be yourself kind of way. Unique people who do what they do with confidence inspire me. I think of a field of flowers, say all of them are red tulips except one big yellow sunflower. That mental image inspires me to simply be who I am, not what anyone else thinks I should be, and bask in the sunshine, the gift that each day truly is.

Succeed when no one said they would.
My children's homeschool history books are full of stories of great people who failed time and time again before they succeeded. I think of musicians and athletes that I admire, who have shared stories of being told they were not good enough to "make it," and then they did exactly that.

I try to look for the good in every story. Sometimes, I don't see any... and then I remind myself that God is in control and I am not meant to understand everything. But when I come across a story or a person or a quote that truly touches my heart and motivates me to be the best I can be, I am truly thankful.

And those people who aren't very kind, or unselfish, or positive... oh, such people can be found everywhere, yes? I let them inspire me too. Simply be the opposite with a smile, and don't let anyone else steal my inner peace.

Wishing you a lovely day, friends.

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