Our Little Goat Herd

It is a fact. I love goats. They are simply fantastic creatures, I think. I only have experience with the ones we have kept on our homestead, but in the fifteen-or-so years we have had goats on our farm I have always found them to be friendly, playful, intelligent, and lots of fun to be around. And another random fact about me is that I *love* the way goats smell. I do!

Indeed, goats are probably my favorite barnyard species... don't tell my cow-friend Matilda. Ha!

No worries. I'm sure she knows she is my favorite *critter* of all.

Way-back-when, we started our goat herd with some Alpines and LaManchas. Later, we purchased a beautiful Nubian / Toggenburg doe to add to the herd. And after that, we rescued two Pygmy goats who were given to us when their previous owner no longer wanted them. The rest of our goats have been born on our farm... such fun memories, those are.

Is there anything cuter on a farm than a baby goat bounding around the barnyard? Oh my! I think not.

Today, I would love to introduce you to our wee herd of does. These are the fine goat ladies that currently inhabit our barnyard...

This is Heidi, Coco, and Bonnie. They are sisters, Coco and Bonnie are twins and Heidi is a year younger. All of them are approaching ten years old, but we still often refer to them as the baby goats because they were all born on our farm. {smile}

Heidi, Coco, and Bonnie
Clementine is officially "my" goat so she is extra special to me. She is one of the Pygmy goats we rescued and has been at our place for six years. I love her personality... she answers with a "maaa-aaa" nearly every time I say her name. It's cute!

Our other Pygmy goat is Bailey. We are fairly sure she is Clementine's daughter, but the person that gave them to us wasn't certain. Bailey does love her spool!

The goats' large pen and shelter is adjacent to our yard, so we get to spend lots of time around them. And every now and then we let them come into our yard to nibble at the grass.

Heidi, Bailey, and Coco
As I have mentioned before, we no longer milk any of our goats as we once did. They simply live out their days here and aren't required to produce food for us. We treat them a bit like pets, I suppose... all of our critters are rather pampered, I admit... and we also respect their temperaments and tend them accordingly.

I am thankful for our gentle (vegan) homestead. Lord willing, we will always have at least a few goats at our place. They seem to love it here and I am certain I wouldn't want to be without them!

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