October 5, 2017

My Thrifty Style

My tastes have changed a bit in the past few years. Going plant-based vegan completely changed my eating preferences, of course. We painted our primary living room a bold-and-cheerful brand new color, and donated, gave away, and discarded a lot of *stuff* we no longer wanted.

As my excess weight disappeared I became quite selective in the styles of clothes I bought in my new size. I stopped wearing makeup for good, quit covering my grays, and finally got the nose (and ear) piercings I was yearning for. Authenticity, a good thing indeed... it has been a positive transition for me in every way! {smile}

Changes. Makeovers. Revisions. Good ones, I think. Getting rid of clutter... mental and physical... has proven to be a fantastic way to hone in on the important things and let go of what isn't. It is quite lovely to be surrounded by beautiful and useful items. A blissful refuge filled with things and colors and homemade goodness that makes us happy.

My new decorating style is a little more minimalist than before, though not to the extreme. Our home is full of people and love and not so many things that need to be dusted, ha! I have not gone minimalist in my wardrobe, though... after years of struggling to find clothes that fit, I rather enjoy having an abundance of cute clothes in my closet.

And our children's closets are brimful, too. Most of our clothing is thrifted. Some is hand-me-downs from friends and people we know. There are a few handmade items. But very little was purchased by Mama at retail... because those other ways of filling the closet are so much more fun, I think. And frugal, yay!

Our wardrobes are laden with well-made and designer items at such reasonable prices. In fact, my entire wardrobe cost less than the price of what only a couple of its items would be brand new. And I find new-with-tags things at the thrift store quite often anyway. I love it.

We recently stopped at our local thrift store to do a little wardrobe refreshing for autumn, and to drop off a bag of items we no longer needed. It was a good day to stop... I spent very little and came out with a bag full of clothes.

My size has changed significantly since last fall. I have been working on altering and upcycling as much of my former wardrobe as possible, but still needed a few items for myself. I found these things and thought they were made for each other... the jeans, the bright pink undershirt, and the flannel shirt. A cute outfit, yes?

I also got two more pairs of jeans and a long sleeved cotton top for myself. I'm still on the hunt for *the* perfect denim jacket (I'm picky) and a just-right black pencil skirt for myself. Maybe next time!

I always do a quick scan of the children's items, even if our kids don't need anything specific that day. I found some jeans for the girls, and a cute top with a picture of a horse on it for our horse-loving daughter. And this adorable dress for our other girl, still like new...

So, that is 5 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, a dress, and a couple other random things for...

$17.50! Seventeen dollars and fifty cents. Woot!

I put my new-to-me outfit on right away when we got back home. I needed to make sure it is comfy enough to wear while hooping.

It *is* a good hooping outfit indeed!

I'm excited to share snippets of my style with you... outfits, my fun ear piercings, my very natural-and-minimalist vegan beauty routines... all of it quite thrifty. I do believe we are *all* beautiful in our own unique way. And I am exceedingly grateful that I have found the Christ-based confidence to realize that *all* includes me, too!

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