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Do you love this outfit, friends? (I do hope you thought... yes!) I am quite pleased with it, especially because I made the skirt and the cowl myself, and also altered those black leggings to resize them.

But honestly, my very favorite part of the photo is the shadow of my son. I am not very good at "selfies" so I am glad he agreed to debut his photography skills for this post. Thank you, Sweetie! {smile} (I doubt he will ever read his mama's blog, but just in case...)

I fell in love with this black floral fabric as soon as I saw it. I purchased two yards, and I have a wee bit left... perhaps one of my girls can use that remnant for a project of her own.

And I used my current favorite sewing pattern once again. Oh, that pattern and I are becoming quite familiar with one another! I barely had to refer to the sewing instructions this time... kind of like when you make the same recipe over and over and one day realize you have it memorized.

It is the same pattern that I used for this skirt.

Cute, cute... the fabric and the pattern are a good combination, I think!

My Home Sewn and Handmade Style Details:

Skirt :: home sewn from a pattern I had, the fabric cost just under $10.00
Cowl :: crocheted by me (Twisted Orange Cowl)
Black blouse :: thrifted, cost $1.00 or so
Black leggings :: thrifted, recently resized them so I can still wear them (yay!)
Black boots :: thrifted *and* borrowed from one of my girls
Makeup :: none... I don't wear it
Crazy Hair :: a result of my current quest to switch to water only washing! I have been only washing with shampoo once or twice a week for a year and am ready to see if I can forego shampoo altogether. So far, so good! I'm still loving the purple tint in my hair, too. I'm not sure whether I will keep it up or let it go back to natural, though. Decisions, decisions!

So now that my skirt is done I have that combination feeling of...

"Yes! My sewing project is finished!" along with...

"Awww... my sewing project is finished, now I don't have a sewing project to work on." I guess it's time to plan for the next one!

Wishing you a lovely day~

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