October 11, 2017

I Will Sing

You might say that music brought my dear hubby and me together. On March 10, 1984... a *most* important day in my life... my hubby and I met for the first time while aboard a school bus. We were both part of the high school band and our band was travelling to play at a basketball tournament.

I played the flute, he played the baritone, and it was, for me, love at first sight. We quickly became high school sweethearts, and all of these years and eight children later, I am quite happy I trusted my instincts and claimed my man. I do believe we were made for each other. {smile}

As I shared in my testimony, it was Christian music that I heard on the radio that originally planted seeds of faith in my heart. Especially the music of Michael W. Smith... God used it in my life in a wonderful way at just the right time.

Music is an important part of our family life today, too. All of our children have piano lessons as part of their homeschool. A few of our children have dabbled in playing guitar, and a few have worked to develop their singing voices. One of our girls plays the violin. My hubby no longer plays baritone, but this mama still plays the flute and is s-l-o-w-l-y learning piano. There is a lot of practicing done around here, indeed.

Another musical endeavor we have undertaken in our homeschool is memorizing Psalm 119 to music... we began last year and are currently reviewing verses 1 - 64. Sixty-four verses so far, even our littlest ones are hiding them in their hearts! I am so pleased about it and proud of my children. Having a song that is actually the word of God stuck in our heads is a good thing, yes? Yes! {smile}

And while we enjoy a variety of musical genres and styles, hymns and praise music are the definite favorites. Singing songs to and about the Lord and playing familiar worship tunes on our instruments puts our focus on God... exactly where we want it to be.

It has been a whole year since we were blessed to attend a concert together. Oh, how excited I was to learn that my *favorite* Christian artist, Matt Maher, would be in concert nearby... with Casting Crowns and Hannah Kerr. The music, the atmosphere of worship, the nine of us together singing along with a crowd of believers... It was an amazing, joyful experience, we still reminisce about it quite often!

So I will sing and play and dance for the Lord... I will keep practicing, here a little and there a little. And it thrills my heart whenever I see and hear our children doing the same. Oh, how exceedingly thankful I am for all of the wonderful hymns and songs that encourage me, convict me, inspire me... and most importantly, glorify my Savior. Because it isn't about me, it's about Him.

"My heart is steadfast, God, my heart is steadfast.
I will sing, yes, I will sing praises."
Psalm 57:7 

Wishing you peace,

I use the World English Bible (WEB) for my word pictures because it is a version in the Public Domain. The name "World English Bible" is trademarked. More information can be viewed here.

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