How I Lost 100 Pounds

My personal struggle with my weight began after I experienced an ectopic pregnancy loss in my early 20's. I was not yet a believer so I didn't seek comfort in Christ, and though my dear hubby was wonderfully supportive, I became rather depressed. And I gained 40 pounds in a short amount of time.

Eventually, my heart healed from our loss... but the extra weight remained. Our little family of four began to grow, and I didn't even try to lose any weight between babies. My size really didn't matter to me, in spite of occasional rude comments, until I was nearly 40 years old. That's when the diet mentality set in.

I lost weight for the first time, about seventy pounds, I think, and oh how happy I was! Two more babies came along after that... and I consider that time to be a most wonderful and cozy time of my life indeed. I had my beautiful family, our homestead, and a relationship with the Lord... I wore dresses all the time, tended our critters, baked every day, we paid off our house and reached our goal of being debt free. Loads of goodness and lovely memories, those things are.

The only thing I was lacking was confidence... I became rather obsessed with and eventually walked away from fitness, and deliberately gained back all of the weight I had lost and more. Sheesh.

It finally happened, though... in 2015, weighing 100 pounds more than I do today, I found confidence (or maybe it found me?) and made some significant personal changes. And now, as a 48 year old mama of eight, I have more peace, joy, happiness, and energy than ever... and Christ-based confidence that was worth waiting for.

My plant-based fitness journey is a rather important part of me, it's my lifestyle now. Going vegan truly changed my life, and I share that part of myself... the running, hoop dancing, and fitness related aspects of my days (and more!)... on Run Hoop Julie. All of that fun needed its own space! {smile}

And I finally have the courage and confidence and desire to share all the ups-and-downs of my 100 pound transformation...

Please know that I don't consider my story to be a "before and after" weight loss success story. For me, it is simply Then and Now and the details are here.

Wishing you a lovely day, friends!

Update 10/2018: So many things have changed since I wrote this post a year ago! I am no longer vegan, I have fully recovered from an eating disorder and exercise obsession, I have gained weight and peace and joy and so much more and I have *never* been happier or more authentically myself. So while I am leaving this post unedited... because this is exactly where I was at when I wrote it and it is an important part of my life story... I do invite you to read some of my newer and recent posts if you would like to know me as I am today. Blessings to you! ~Julie
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