End of October on the Homestead

It was actually a rather quiet October on our homestead this year. I can remember our place being covered with several inches of snow by the end of October in years gone by... and there have been years when we were rather late in getting our winter supply of hay and firewood, so busy with those things during the month.

But this October was quite warm for the most part, and all of our winter preparations are completed. So it did seem rather quiet around here!

Matilda had her feet tended to this month. Pretty feet, girl! {smile} When she came back home, she spent a few days grazing in the front pasture... until she discovered where we keep the hay.

Pretty *and* clever, that cow of mine is!

And ever expecting (and often receiving) a treat, Matilda is happy to poke her head through the fence of her corral when she sees me heading her way. Drool at the ready, just in case an apple (or carrot) is hiding in my pocket.

The ducks are still spending their days in the big pen next to the goat pen. Sometimes they come to the yard for some foraging and splashing, but often they simply quack and bask in the sunshine in their happy place.

It has always amused me that our lovely hens like to use the same nesting box. We have fifteen hens, currently, and plenty of nesting boxes to go around... but they prefer to wait their turn for the same box most days.

Beautiful brown shelled eggs indeed! Since I am vegan, I don't personally eat these eggs. But I am thankful that we have them for the rest of my family. I know for certain the hens they came from are well cared for and loved!

Speaking of hens, here come the lovely ladies. They are kept safe from predators in their enclosed run and coop, and let out each day for plenty of supervised free ranging and pecking about the barnyard.

I'm always a bit melancholy when October goes... it is perhaps my very favorite month of all. I'm not sure why. It just has such a cozy and homey feel to it that I have really come to savor and appreciate. But time marches on indeed. And into November we go!

Wishing you a lovely day, friends.
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