October 16, 2017

Around the Farm

Greetings from our barnyard, friends. Our critters bring us such joy. What a blessing it is to care for them and share our homestead together. Would you like to come along with me and have a peek at our farm family today? Yes? Let's go!

Here is Matilda, beginning to fluff up for the cold months to come. Her winter coat is a darker brown than her summer blondness, and her face becomes almost black this time of the year. And don't you love her single horn? It has always been that way, it truly does suit her personality, I think.

Looking good, girl! {smile}

Here is Bonnie the goat, using a rock to get a better view of things. Her herd sisters are nibbling at the crumbs of hay left behind from their morning feeding.

This is Stinky Winky, our faithful senior barnyard cat. She is a lovely addition to our place... she never wanders far and likes to hang out with the chickens. Ha!

We recently brought our ducks to the yard for a splash about and to forage in the grass for whatever suits their fancy. They always stay together... Bandit, the brown and white runner duck in front, appears to be the leader of the flock.

Such lovely ladies, these hens, all in a row...

Matilda often chooses a nearby spot to do her resting. She has acres and acres to wander and graze, but seems to prefer to be near where we are for her daily nap.

Back indoors, Ruby lounges in her cushy nest. Such a pretty kitty she is, don't you think?

All is well in the barnyard as October marches on. Thank you for joining me for that little tour!

Wishing you a good start to your week,

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