A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends. And happy almost-end-of-October to you, too. So trite it seems to each week mention that time seems to fly, but it is true.

We celebrated a birthday at our house this week. One of our boys turned sixteen... The other day, he and I were playing table tennis together, and discussing how it is often called sweet sixteen for a girl's birthday.

After a discussion of whether sour or spicy would be his preference, we settled on spicy sixteen as a way to describe the milestone birthday for him. Ha! Although he is incredibly sweet, if I do say so myself. And now I shall stop lest I embarrass my boy! {smile}

And because of that birthday, the holidays are officially underway at our place. The next few months will be a whirlwind of celebrating and decorating and partying and baking and making at our place, Lord willing. We have the traditional holidays and several more birthdays and a wedding anniversary (our 29th!) on the horizon.

Exciting, yes! And tiring... that too! But these joyous times fill me with gratitude, and probably have a bit to do with why time does indeed appear to fly.

Here are a few things, in addition to our boy's birthday, from my ongoing gratitude list this week...

:: Our oldest daughter is home for a few days. How lovely to have nine of us all together in one place... truly, I am blessed. And my running buddy (her dog) is here, too. Yesterday, we achieved my best run {so far} together. Fun, fun!

:: We made a quick stop at the thrift store last time we were in town. I found five pairs of jeans for myself, three of them in the free box, all cute and in great condition. And long enough, which is a big deal for me since I am 5'9" tall... Oh yeah!

:: My hubby bought me an acorn squash this week. Just because he knows I love them... so thoughtful, he is, to make a special trip to the store to surprise me! I cooked that lovely squash, stuffed it with pumpkin almond hummus, and ate the *entire* thing. Delicious, ha!

:: A skiff of snow. After an unusually warm week, it was pleasant to open the blinds to a skiff of snow in the barnyard yesterday. Such a cozy feeling, to tend to the critters and outside chores, and then warm up next to the wood stove. Ahhhh.

And all of the little, everyday things...

Seeing a magnificent bird of prey fly right past our window. So many deer in the field. Catching Matilda sneaking a bite from the winter hay storage... silly cow. A full pantry. The blessing of homeschooling. Acing my five unit ASL test, woot! I like to dwell on them, those simple happy happenings of daily life. Nuggets of ordinary goodness.

I do hope your cup is brimful of things to be grateful for, friends. Thank you for coming by my blog this week!

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