A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends! It has been a lovely week of weather at our place... such warm and sunshine-y days for this time of the year. And the week went at a slower pace than usual for us since a few of our tribe battled a short lived but nasty while it lasted tummy bug. I had heard that a minor illness was going around, and apparently it found us.

The bug passed quickly, and all of us are feeling fine once again *and* I managed to get the laundry caught up. Those are indeed things for this week's gratitude list!

And as my weekly (so far!) tradition of sharing snippets of that ongoing gratitude list with you goes... here are a few more:

:: Those goats of ours. Since their pen is right next to our yard, I get to enjoy their company whenever I am outdoors. Such friendly and playful personalities they have. Goats are great, I think.

:: My new dryer. Oh, the decision to use the dryer rather than the clothes line was an easy one to make this week, friends, with that illness in our midst! As gorgeous as the sunshine was, the convenience of using the dryer won the toss every time.

:: Confidence to share my 100 pound transformation. I was a bit nervous about it, sharing those ups-and-downs... so it felt quite brave to push the publish button on this post. I really hope to be a good ambassador for my beliefs and convictions, and I have somehow gotten over fearing what other people think, but still... sharing bits of myself on my blogs is a daily exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone (in a good way, for sure).

:: Running in the out-of-doors. Clear beautiful mornings, wide open spaces, and lots of energy are a wonderful combination, I think.

:: Planning our menu in advance. This illness caught me right at the end of a menu plan... and I somehow managed to wing it this week, without a menu *or* going to the grocery store... I will give myself a tiny pat on the back (ha!), but mostly credit our food storage for this achievement. {smile} It did make me realize just how helpful my usual organized approach to keeping my family fed is!

Now I am thinking I will have to write up my menu planning system and grocery shopping method to share here sometime soon-ish!

:: The little things. Enjoying the start of basketball season, which also means eating popcorn every night around here. Woot! Dancing with my little boy, because he invited me to. Getting excited for the upcoming holidays. It's true, I love the traditions and celebrations! And the holiday season begins for us next week, with a birthday at our place.

There is always something to be grateful for, I think. Sometimes I have to look and look, but a reason for gratitude is there... even if it is simply knowing that I don't have to have all of the answers or understand all of the reasons. My dear hubby leads our family and home and God is in control of everything. I am quite blessed indeed.

Wishing you abundant goodness, friends. Oh, and *thanks* for coming by my blog this week!

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