A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you! It was a happy-busy week at our place, and I found lots of tidbits to add to my ongoing gratitude list. They are always there, waiting to be noticed... and the more I notice, the more there are. Gratitude does lead to more gratitude indeed.

Amidst the tasks of daily life, I was able to find time for some piano practice, Hebrew practice, and ASL practice this week. Sometimes I get antsy about simply reviewing... my desire-to-achieve wants to move forward!... but I am remembering that it is okay to relax and enjoy what I already know. To celebrate how much I have learned thus far. These are hobbies, not requirements, and worthwhile simply for the pleasure they bring into my days.

Here are a few of the snippets from my gratitude list this week...

:: Time together. Technically, we were cleaning the carrots that our generous friends gave us. But to this mama's heart, it was even better... precious moments with our younger teenage son. Happiness, for sure.

:: And again, time together. Our eighteen year old girl got her earlobes pierced, so now we get to tend to the aftercare of our ears together every day for awhile... such fun! Such joy in being ourselves, a little freedom of expression for a Christian mama and her newly adult (oh my how did that happen?) daughter... together. {smile}

:: I started Christmas shopping! Oh, how happy I am to have some fun ideas and purchases made already. In our large family, we have five birthdays to celebrate in the next few months... plus Christmas... plus my dear hubby and my wedding anniversary... so I need to budget, plan, craft, and shop starting *now*! Even though we like to keep it simple, that's a lot of goodness to celebrate.

:: A rude remark. I don't believe rudeness is ever necessary, but I do like to consider remarks that people make to me. And it does seem that people are rather free with their opinions these days, don't you think? But every remark whether kind or rude is a chance to reflect and consider... to change or not, to stop or persevere, to explain or simply offer a sweet smile and remain quiet. To forgive the rudeness or appreciate the kindness. And move on.

:: The little things... When everyone loves the dinner I made. Baking bread again... as I have done every week for more than twenty years. Secret pals... a fun game we play in our family each week, and reveal during our traditional Friday night pizza. The crispness of autumn in the air. My cow-friend Matilda saying, "Mooo!" so much this week, I do think she approves of being moved to her new pen! {smile}

Thank you for coming by my blog this week, friends. I wish you a lovely weekend and an abundance of reasons to be grateful.

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