A Grateful Heart

Happy Friday to you, friends... I am thankful that we have been able to spend some time enjoying the out-of-doors this week. Of course we are outside every day to tend to the animals and homestead chores, but it is nice to get out into the fresh air just for fun, too. Especially this time of the year, when we can have snow and sunshine and rain all in one day on our Montana farm.

It is cozy to keep a fire going in the wood stove, now. We open the windows if it gets too warm indoors, but often find it is just right. So spoiled by that wood stove I am... every chilly place we go makes me love it all the more! There is no place like home, I think. {smile}

Here are some snippets from my gratitude list this week ~

:: Ducks in the yard. We made a little pond for them and brought them down for a splash-about. I love how the ducks stick together, quack constantly, and just seem to enjoy the little things in life.

:: A late bloomer. One of our boys planted a sunflower for me several weeks ago. It is only just now opening on my kitchen windowsill. What a delightful drop of sunshine it is, right there as I wash dishes.

:: Huckleberries. Such a splurge, but they are my dear hubby's *favorite* so I surprised him with a quart of them. He was quite happy... a worthwhile splurge indeed.

:: Fall cleaning. Oh, how we scrubbed and vacuumed and got things put back and put away. Going through clutter, discarding, donating. Washing all the linens and hanging them on the clothesline to dry. So fresh and clean it all looks... I will enjoy the order and organization of our home while it lasts. And then we will clean it all over again, ha!

:: Always learning. I am polishing Joplin's Pineapple Rag once again... it has gotten rusty for me since I put that piano book aside for awhile. I am working on maintaining what I know and practicing my handwriting in Hebrew. Review, review! I'm moving ahead in my ASL class... not just learning signs, but sentence structure and grammar and Deaf culture, too... so wonderful, all of it. And I am on the brink of beginning an online poetry course with my daughter for her homeschool. My classes are important to me, I love learning new things.

I have discovered such a joyful way to combine ASL and hooping... I love to play my favorite Christian songs and sign them as part of my hoop flow dance. I must say that combining the beautiful language and music and movement as a form of worship delights my soul beyond measure. To God be the glory!

:: Little things. Trying a new workout, reading with my children, an unexpected phone call from our son that lives far away. Seeing a butterfly in October... October! Hubby making a special trip to the store to buy bananas because I forgot them. And just how did I forget those bananas anyway?? We use at least 10 pounds a week!

Thank you for coming by my blog this week, friends. I do hope you enjoy the time you spend here... and I wish you a cup brimful of gratitude and a wonderful weekend wherever you are.

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