Weekend Goodness

It did indeed feel like autumn on our homestead over the weekend and I am happy to return to the rhythms and routines that accompany this season. We shift from summer preparings to autumn doings... we use the firewood we stacked, our critters depend more on the hay we stored, and our menu becomes more about soups and stews and less about the familiar salads of summer.

And it all makes me quite happy because as I will likely repeat over and over again, I do love this time of the year. {smile}

There were outdoor chores to be done, as usual. Hauling firewood is perhaps my favorite homestead task, and Hubby and I often work together to fill the wood box on our deck.

We had a nice bit of snow for part of the weekend, before it warmed up enough to melt the majority of it. Our younger children rolled up their first snowman of the season...

I took a short jaunt into the back pasture to check the fence and check on Matilda. We are planning to move her sleeping quarters to our larger pen and outbuilding this winter, which is where the goats usually stay. I am looking forward to the change, and it means the goats will remain in the roomy pen closer to the house.

The chickens were pecking about as I passed by, free roaming for the afternoon and scratching around the compost heap.

Our little girls wanted to make a simple treat to share with their siblings. They were quite pleased with their creation... they mixed it all up, assembled the dessert, and cleaned up their own mess in the kitchen. So proud of them, I am!

And the goats came to the yard for a bit. Every now and again we let them wander around our yard and nibble the grass and weeds. They seem to love it... they run about and munch away. Heidi loves these prickly greens, ha!

The weekend was a good mix of work and play at our place. Happy-busy and ordinary, with a lovely first taste of winter added in. And into this week we go... the outdoor temperature was 34 degrees (F) first thing this morning, and there were three deer outside the kitchen window, getting a drink at Matilda's water trough. A fantastic view to start my Monday!

Wishing you a good day where you are, friends.

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