To the Mountains

What a treat to have a three-day weekend to spend together before the bustle of autumn and all of its activities fully encompasses our days. My hubby asked me where I would like to go for an adventure and I was quick to reply... To the mountains, of course!

So off we went for a day-trip and a picnic to one of our favorite places. Our first stop of the day was to embark on a short hike, less than a mile to an amazing waterfall. Our children led the way...

Palisade Falls is incredibly beautiful, don't you think? The surrounding rock cliffs are so steep!

After our hike, we drove to Hyalite Reservoir for a picnic. The water is so low now, we sat in a spot that is usually submerged when we visit! The little ones splashed around a bit, found a frog, and followed butterflies. We were entertained by the many people on paddle boards and kayaks... so fun!

After lunch, we drove to another hiking spot and trekked up the trail to History Rock. My hubby kept an eye on things along the way. {smile}

It took us about half an hour to reach History Rock. So many names and dates etched into the sandstone of this tucked away treasure!

Then our last stop of our day was another spot we enjoy hiking along the creek. Autumn is beginning to show itself amongst the trees that border the rushing water.

Such a beautiful day it was. I am thankful we live in such a marvelous place and that we took a day to enjoy it! I hope your weekend was also lovely, friends... wishing you a wonderful day!

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