Our Weekend

Happy Monday to you, friends. It was quite a weekend at our place... we accomplished some tasks around the homestead, watched the smoke rise from a new fire across the way, and kept a close eye on the coverage of Hurricane Irma (our adult son lives within the path of that storm).

So I feel a bit scattered in my thoughts today, and quite looking forward to the comfortable rhythm of an ordinary day at our place.

Here are some moments from our weekend...

This lovely hen spent a portion of her day perched on the rim of a bucket that she discovered in the duck pen. Chickens are a wonderful source of entertainment, I think.

Pretty yellow wildflowers along my walking path. Tenacious they are to survive the parched conditions around here. But I don't like to think of them as weeds... in my opinion, they are simply flowers that God planted.

Our boys helped their dad sturdy up the deck that is in front of our house. They raised it a wee bit, and leveled it, and put some nice supports in place. No more squeaky boards!

My teen daughter and I gave each other haircuts while the deck repairs were underway. We always cut our own hair around here and have gotten quite good at it over the years, if I do say so myself. She also put some pretty red color in her hair and it is adorable, I think. I don't color my hair, I love my natural brown-going-gray.

I like home hair cuts because they are convenient and we like how they look. I suppose we have saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars through the years, too.

Late Saturday afternoon we noticed an ominous cloud of smoke rising across the way.

Soon, we heard helicopters in the area and saw a few small airplanes fly over. It was interesting to watch the firefighters with their orange parachutes as they jumped to fight the fire. It is out now, the firefighters handled it quickly!

And here is my beautiful cow-friend Matilda, coming to me after I called her name. Yes, she got a carrot for her effort. {smile} You can see the haze of smoke against the mountains and the dry, dry pasture...

So I can't say it was a quiet weekend for us, but life on the homestead is often unpredictable. Life everywhere, really... you just never know what might happen next.

But here we are on a Monday, beginning a new week. It looks as though the hurricane has lost its strength and I can see some blue sky above the smoke around here. Onward we go!

Do check back here this week... Lord willing, I have a recipe to share with you and a finished crochet project to show-and-tell. Good things, those!

I hope all is well today where you are ~

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