September 19, 2017

Morning Routine

Please say good morning to our happy flock of ducks. Their laughter-like quacks greet us first thing each day as we approach their coop. After being safely tucked away from potential harm overnight, they are always ready to stretch their wings and waddle over to their spacious pen for the day!

So independent they are! We give them a ramp so they can safely make their own way to the ground. An occasional burst of energy inspires them to flap their way out and fly a short distance sometimes. And our white Pekin, Buttercup, often waits to be cuddled carried.

Safely upon the ground, they quack and stretch and gather together.

Then off toward the pen it is. They have a ten foot long waddle over to the area where they spend most days. They know the way...

Into their pen they go! Time for breakfast and a splash about and a day in the sunshine. Or rain, or snow... our ducks seem to truly enjoy whatever weather the day brings. A lesson from the barnyard indeed... celebrate each day. {smile}

And in the evening, they do it all again. In reverse, ha!

Wishing you a lovely day ~

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