First Snow and Another Cowl

We felt it coming. The way the sky looked, the way the air smelled, the low hanging clouds. Two days of rain with dropping temperatures. Out of the 50's, through the 40's, and finally settling at 38 degrees (F).

And on Saturday, we opened our blinds to the first snow of the season just above our mountainside homestead.

It isn't unusual at our place, snow in September. Although it will likely repeat the cycle of snow, melt, snow, melt again, before wintry weather is here to stay. It is a good reminder that the time to prepare is now for it surely is coming. Hay is here. Firewood is stacked. I am stocking the pantry and filling the freezer.

And what a blessing this weather is as our land is parched and the area's fires have been burning for some time now. Just this past week, we saw pillars of smoke from two different fires quite close to our place.

So the feeling of cozy that accompanies the first snow of the season ruled the weekend. We did accomplish a few tasks from our to-do lists...

:: Hubby and our teenage boys worked together to repair Hubby's truck.

:: All of the kids helped their dad replace our storm door.

:: I planned our two week menu, made our grocery list, and we went grocery shopping.

:: The children had some independent projects going, which gave me a chance to catch up on my ASL class and take the quiz I have been trying to get to for several days.

:: Animals were tended to, laundry was done, the piano got played by several of us.

And Mama had time to crochet... yay!

In fact, I finished a simple project so it's time for a show-and-tell. I had one skein of this cute and cheerful yarn in my bin and decided to make another cowl with it. It is just half-double crochet, worked the short way, and when I was almost out of yarn I crocheted the ends together to make a cowl.

I love making cowls, they come together so quickly!  This one will coordinate wonderfully with a sleeveless floral dress that I have. {smile} A perfect way to wear that favorite thrifted dress of mine as summer's end becomes a currently chilly beginning of autumn.

First snow and a finished crochet project. Those are the highlights from the ordinary happy-busy weekend at our place.

Wishing you a lovely start to your week ~
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