An Upcycled Skirt

I haven't mentioned much about my frugal ways yet on my blog. After all of these years of being joyfully thrifty, I am not sure what is commonplace and what is noteworthy... but we are blessed to be debt free, which I am told is a bit unusual these days. And we are a larger than usual family with one income. So frugality is both a joy and a necessity at our place.

Which brings me to my upcycled skirt... a frugal project indeed. {smile}

This skirt is sewn from a sheet. Yes, a bed sheet. That is thrifty, and I didn't even tell you yet that I got the sheet for free! And, I had saved the elastic for the waistband from an item of worn out clothing that we were discarding. Okay, I am extremely frugal sometimes. I love it!

Happily, I have learned enough about sewing to be able to adjust and customize patterns and clothing to fit me (or my children) so I often don't worry about patterns, thrifted items, and hand-me-downs being the "right size" straight away. And I do love to repurpose clothing and other materials into something useful.

Thrifty upcycled sewing projects abound at our place. Do you enjoy doing this, too?

I bought the pattern for this skirt quite some time ago. I used to wear long skirts exclusively and made many of them myself. Hooray for simple patterns that come together quickly! This one is Simplicity Simple Solutions 2609, view E. Even simple sewing projects often take me a couple of days, though.

Maybe because I always have so much help. Thanks for holding my fabric down, Marvin. Ha!

I washed the sheet and got the pattern pinned and cut out (making some adjustments for size along the way), then spent an hour or so stitching it all together. Then, ta-dah! All finished.

Super simple and super cute, I think. And very comfortable. {smile}

I could make several more skirts from the rest of the sheet, there is quite a bit of fabric left over. I may make another for myself just like this one, or perhaps I will make a few for my girls. I know they would love it, and I did have a request for one!

Wishing you a lovely day ~

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