A Grateful Heart

Good day to you, friends. It is time to count my blessings once again and to share with you snippets from my ongoing gratitude list. It isn't always easy being thankful, is it? There is certainly enough going on in our world today to cause concern and tempt me (us) to worry and fret.

I try to handle those things with prayer, to leave the things which I have no control over with the Lord and trust Him to work them all out in His time. It is a process, choosing to trust and to give thanks in all circumstances, and I am not perfect at it by any means. But I am in the habit of always looking for something to be grateful for.

:: Our oldest child... well, he is an adult but he is still our child {smile}... lives in a place that is in the path of an approaching hurricane. I am thankful he is aware, taking precautions, making preparations, and keeping in touch with his mama.

:: Beautiful sunsets and the orange tinted moon. It is sad, the fires that burn in our part of the country. My heart goes out to those directly affected by them. The air smells of smoke and my recent images show the constant haze around us. It all makes for a quite surreal sky throughout the day and lovely sunsets in spite of the unfortunate cause.

:: Evening bicycle rides. I love my orange cruiser bike with its big basket... I have enjoyed many a leisurely mile alongside my family upon it over the summer.

:: Something new. I made my first batch of water kefir this week! It is simple, vegan, and delicious! It reminds me of my homemade kombucha. Good things are happening as I play and experiment in my plant-based homestead kitchen, friends.

:: Huge salads with lots of tomatoes. I have eaten so.many.tomatoes recently. And zucchini. And eggplants. Ha!

:: A baby bird on my feeder. He was adorable... all puffed up and carefully selecting just the right seed through the mesh. He wasn't afraid of me, either. He stayed put the whole time I was sweeping the deck.

:: Butterflies. We saw many of them on our recent hike in the mountains. There is so much beauty in God's creation. I care very much about animals and our environment... two of the many reasons I am vegan!

:: Morning visitors to the barnyard. This week we have seen several Hungarian partridges, deer, and a jackrabbit right outside our window. What a blessing to have such a view!

I am praying for all who are affected by the fires here in the west and by the recent and impending weather calamities elsewhere... In the midst of it all I hope that you are finding much to be thankful for.

Wishing you peace,

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