A Grateful Heart

Doesn't time seem to simply fly by, friends? It does for me... in spite of my determined efforts to notice what is and truly be present in the moment at hand.

Oh, how lovely that choice has been for me, being mindful of the moment, and I am thankful it is becoming a habit. Even still, here we are at the end of another week... and another month!... and it is time for me to share snippets from my ongoing gratitude list once again. {smile}

:: A beautiful bouquet. My sweet hubby brought me flowers, aren't they wonderful? I have them on a table that is near my little fitness corner in our bedroom... I noticed how lovely they looked from below the other morning, with the early morning sunshine streaming through the window.

:: Home cooking. It would be neither frugal nor convenient for our large family to eat out frequently. I am so glad I enjoy planning our menu, cooking from scratch, and experimenting in the kitchen. It is quite a privilege and responsibility for Mama to keep all these tummies around here full and happy!

Today, I have a huge batch of cabbage soup simmering on the stove top, a batch of whole wheat sourdough buns ready to go into the oven, and plans to make a treat to have after dinner... yummy things are happening indeed.

:: My cat. She is always nearby, often at my feet... quite loyal, that Ruby. Animals make good friends, I think.

:: Deer around the homestead. Their numbers are increasing, it seems. We see several a day... the mama deer and her two youngsters are still nearby quite often. We spotted an enormous golden eagle perched upon a neighbor's fence post. Oh, he was glorious! And I saw (and heard) a few bluebirds this week, quite a surprise! I thought they were gone until spring.

:: Recent afternoons at the creek. Yesterday, the creek was beckoning to me... such a lovely autumn day it was. I left my enormous pile of whole wheat sourdough bread dough rising on the counter and we trekked down to the bottom pasture for a bit. Such a blessing it is to savor a brief get away without having to leave home.

:: The little things. Discovering a new flavor of tea (caramel... yum!). Evenings spent crocheting near the wood stove... all of us together in one place, but quietly occupied with our own endeavors. The encouragement of praise music. Ordinary days, simple pleasures. When the week was full and joyful, but you really can't say exactly why... it just was.

Do you try to find restful moments amidst the to-do lists and activities of every day life, friends? Or are you more of an on-the-go type of person, happiest when constantly bustling and busy? We are all different, indeed... beautiful in our own unique way. Just like each one of those flowers.

Wishing you much to be grateful for ~

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