A Grateful Heart

I love, love, love this time of the year. It feels so cozy, fresh, and new... I think starting another homeschool year contributes to the feeling of excitement around here. And all the baking and making that autumn tends to bring about. That, and the cool, crisp morning air. I just find it invigorating, all of it.

This morning, we awoke to snow at our place. It blankets the ground for as far as I can see. There are heavy, gray clouds above and it is 32.9 degrees (F) outdoors. A wonderful wintry start to autumn!

Here are some snippets from my gratitude list this week...

:: Those wee white flowers are still thriving along my walking path. They survived the dry dry end-of-summer and are now bouncing back from the damp coolness that we have this week. So pretty and cheerful they are... the last of this year's wildflowers at our place.

:: I greeted my hubby at the door with a kiss, as usual, when he returned home the other day. Our youngest boy... 6 years old... was nearby. Our son watched us for a moment, then giggled and said in such a whisper-y, dreamy way, "How romantic!" Oh how that made us laugh!

:: A lovely piece of freshly baked apple crisp, still warm from the oven. Need I say more? {smile}

:: Our son's imagination. One of our boys had a school assignment to write a mystery story. He used new vocabulary words and his interest in Yellowstone National Park to weave quite a tale together. I must say, I was impressed! He has promised his mama that he will write a sequel.

:: The first wood stove fire of the season. There is nothing like it, the warmth that permeates the house, the peaceful flicker of the fire through the window on the door of the stove. So cozy!

:: Stars. I could not believe the clear and perfect view of the sideways Big Dipper from our window early the other morning. It was still dark outdoors, the sky was perfectly clear, and the stars sparkled like diamonds. It was quite breathtaking.

:: Simple pleasures... A new crochet project. Lovely conversation and fellowship with friends as our children played together. Popcorn and an episode of a favorite show at the end of the day. Birds on my feeder. The way one of our cats will "sit pretty" for a treat and the other one will not, yet he still gets his treat. Ha! (I think he knows this...)

I do hope your gratitude list is brimful with goodness, friends, and I thank you for coming by my blog this week. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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