September 15, 2017

A Grateful Heart

It was a bit surreal, the view from our deck the other night. We stood watching a beautiful sunset while hearing the sirens of emergency vehicles as they raced up our country road toward a plume of smoke rising from the trees.

Beauty and danger, all at the same time.

Thankfully, the fire did not spread and soon the smoke dwindled. What a relief. There are already so many fires burning... the haze of smoke over our homestead (and area) remains.

Here are some things from my gratitude list this week ~

:: Our oldest son is safe after Hurricane Irma. He has been without electricity for several days, but that is the only issue he is dealing with after the storm.

:: Walks to the creek. We have enjoyed several spontaneous jaunts to the creek this week. It is a short walk from the house and always a refreshing break from the ongoing to-do list.

:: Rain! It has been rainy for two days at our place, and this morning's outdoor temperature was a mere 38 degrees (F) when I first checked. Lovely, wonderful, and much needed... and I wouldn't be surprised nor would I complain if there is a skiff of snow on the mountain above us when these clouds lift.

:: Homemade dance hoops, made for me with love by my hubby. Happiness.

:: Ordinary days. Homeschooling our children... learning along with them as I study ASL, piano, and Hebrew... an upcoming poetry class I will take with our daughter. Our youngest boy reading to me as I make supper. Baking cookies. Enjoying a Broadway musical on the television. Moving the furniture to give the carpets a thorough washing. Good things, simple things, the little things that make up our days.

And on this cozy, rainy, ordinary day I hope to get some baking done and make a batch of favorite homemade pasta sauce to have at the ready in the refrigerator.

Thanks for coming by my blog this week, friends. Have a wonderful weekend where you are!

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