A Grateful Heart

Hello friends... it is time for another gratitude share session! I am really becoming more aware of all the goodness in my life, making note of all of the little blessings I may have overlooked if I wasn't determined to take note. It is quite lovely, really, and helps me to dwell on the right things.

Not all blessings appear to be good things, at first. Sometimes events happen that make me wonder what there is to possibly be grateful about in that situation. But time passes and it often becomes more apparent. Perhaps a lesson is learned, maybe a different and better opportunity arises.

Sometimes I tell my children "no" because I have something else in mind for them... something they don't even know about yet. And then the better thing comes to pass and they are happy I said no to their first request. {smile} May I remember that next time things don't work out as I think they should; next time I don't get *my* way!

Here are a few items from my ongoing gratitude list ~

:: Our barnyard. It makes me *so* happy to give our animals a safe, forever home. The whole bunch of them simply living out their lives at our place. I love that we have a wee sanctuary for our critters.

:: Evenings at the creek. Fun times... sometimes I crochet, sometimes I hoop, often we just sit and soak it in, watching the birds. One of my favorite places in the world.

:: Homegrown vegetables. Some thoughtful friends shared their garden bounty with us. How kind and generous!

:: A new dryer. I have been hanging our laundry to dry for almost a year... it was my idea to not replace our dryer when it finally wore out. But since winter is coming and I do laundry for eight, my hubby thinks a new dryer will be a lovely time saver to use when I choose to. I agree.

:: Family time. Our oldest daughter was home to stay for a few days. How wonderful to this mama's heart to have nine of our family of ten under one roof! Almost all of us together in one place. And she brought my running buddy... also known as Juno, her border collie. I love that dog.

:: My youngest daughter wrote a poem for me, and made me a crafty little heart. She gave her permission for me to share her words here... so special, A Love Poem for Mama.

I love you because you are beautiful.
I love you because you are kind.
I love you because you are thankful.
I love you because you are nice.

You are wonderful in every way.
You are thoughtful without display.
I love you because you are wonderful.
I love you because you are beautiful.

~ * ~

Such sweet and innocent words. May I strive to live up to them!

There is always something to be thankful for, I think. Gratitude is contagious, let's spread it around! Wishing you a lovely day.

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