August 24, 2017

Red Velvet Birthday Shawl

Ooo... it is an exciting day for me, I have a finished knitting project to show you! I always love the show-and-tell after all of those hours spent watching the single stitches of a yarncrafting endeavor build into rows and eventually become what they are meant to be.

This is a triangle shawl, knitted from an acrylic and wool blend yarn in the red velvet colorway. I decided as I finished it up to give it to my daughter for her eighteenth birthday. She had been admiring the shawl as it was in progress, and a red velvet shawl just seemed birthday appropriate to me. {smile}

She was pleasantly surprised to discover it was hers!

The pattern was quite simple, I thought... which is just what I enjoy. I love to knit and I also like it to be relaxing and meditative, so I tend to avoid complicated patterns that require a lot of counting and concentration.

And simple patterns can be quite sweet and beautiful, I think. Just like my girl. {smile}

My daughter is very happy with her birthday shawl and so am I.

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