Plant Based Eating and Cooking

The gentle in my blog name is a reference to my plant-based vegan lifestyle. I am vegan for all the reasons... And of course the recipes I post will reflect my choices. In these early stages of this blog, I thought it might be fun (helpful? interesting?) if I lay a foundation for my eating and cooking style.

This is an overview of what you will find here in my home sweet internet homestead kitchen. {smile}

Whole plant foods of all kinds... like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, and legumes.

Very little (if any)... sugar, cooking oil, soy, salt, or processed foods.

Some convenience foods... purchased plant milk, nut butters, canned items, frozen items.

No animal products... no meat, eggs, dairy, or honey.

I wrote a lengthy post on my fitness journey blog about my eating style. You can view it here:

And whether or not you make the same choices for your lifestyle, I do hope you like my recipes. They have gotten hearty approval from people who eat everything! (also known as my family)

Have a lovely day. And do check back often for recipes.

Update: I am no longer vegan and I don't have *any* food rules or restrictions for myself. For a peek at what I eat now, see this post on Run Hoop Julie.
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