August 1, 2017

Our Happy Gentle Homestead

How lovely to be blogging again, after a much needed hiatus. Fresh starts are often good, I think. And much has changed at our place, while much remains the same. That will all unfold in the posts to come (it is all quite wonderful, I assure you) so rather than looking back I will simply begin.

I'm Julie... wife to my best friend (my high school sweetheart) for nearly 30 years, and mama of eight children (our youngest is 6 years old and our oldest is approaching 30!). That's who and what I am - wife and mama. And a Christian. The rest is just details, but I suppose it's the details that will possibly make my musings interesting, so here are some bits ~

We have been on our homestead for almost 17 years. We live a simple, frugal, and debt-free (yay!) life with a barnyard full of critters. There is a lovely cow named Matilda, the queen of the farm. And there are goats, chickens, ducks, a miniature horse, several cats, and a dog. Plus a tank full of fish and two happy parakeets. Yes, we love children *and* animals at our place!

Our farm is a refuge and retirement home for our animals. We don't eat our critters or require them to produce food for us... I don't personally use or consume any animal products (my recipes will reflect that) and my family has greatly reduced the animal products that they use and consume. Little steps, I don't force my convictions onto others.

So that is where the name for my blog came from - we are a usually happy bunch and seek to have a gentle farm. Good things!

I also craft and sew and knit and bake and... typical homestead-y stuff for frugal folks that value old-fashioned ways and self-sufficiency. Oh, and did I mention my running and hoop dancing? (really! I am having such fun in my late 40's!) Well, perhaps I will save those things for another day. 

So there is that. An introduction and a fresh start (do people read blogs anymore?)... at any rate, it is lovely to "meet" you and I do hope you will stop by my little corner of the interwebs again.

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