Meet the Critters

Our animals are an important part of our homestead. Our current barnyard inhabitants have been with us for years, and are quite pampered and pet-like I must say. They keep us close to home and help our children learn compassion and responsibility. And the animals keep us rather entertained as well.

I will start with Matilda, the queen of the barnyard.

She is a beauty indeed. We rescued her from a dairy where she would have likely not lasted very long due to a blind quarter in her udder. We used to milk her but she has been in retirement for a few years now and will enjoy grazing and wandering about the pasture for the rest of her days. She is a good friend.

We have kept goats on our farm for at least a dozen years. They are perhaps my favorite species of farm animal and ours have always been well-behaved. I read of goats escaping and eating all kinds of odd things but that has never been our experience, thankfully.

Our little herd, like Matilda, is simply living happy lives here. We have three dairy goats and two Pygmy goats but we don't milk them... we do spend lots of time with them and they are loads of fun to care for.

And then there are the ducks. The happiest of critters indeed! Really, if ducks were people they would always be smiling, I think. Or laughing at least (if you have ducks you know how they laugh!).

Here are two of our ducks, Mags and Cuddles. We have had them the longest... about eight years! The rest of our ducks are just a few years old. We have eight ducks in our current flock.

And a lovely hen to represent the ever-present chickens we have around here. Oh, I do love chickens! Ours get to free range under our watchful supervision each day - grasshoppers beware!

They lay lovely eggs which we gather and appreciate greatly. I choose to not purchase commercial eggs so if someone in my family wants an egg (I don't eat eggs... and I stick to flax eggs for my recipes) we get to personally thank the provider.

Matilda spends her days with our 25 year old (!) miniature horse, Shadow. She is old but just keeps on going... and going. {smile}

Those are the critters that comprise the barnyard at our place. We hope to always have goats and chickens... perhaps another cow someday... and one of our daughters *loves* llamas... But time will tell. In the meantime, we are enjoying what we have. Content we are, but there is always room for one more, right?

What kinds of animals do you keep at your place? Or maybe you are like I once was... dreaming of the day you might have a barnyard of your own?

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