August 22, 2017


My cow-friend Matilda was grazing nearby as we were outdoors yesterday. She tends to like to be near where we are... many times she has returned to the barnyard from the back pasture when she hears us outside.

Yes, I think she likes me too. {smile}

My children and I were enjoying the odd light of midday as the solar eclipse occurred. I remember an eclipse from my childhood, I think I was in the fifth grade, and I wanted my children to tuck a similar experience into their homeschool memories.

Matilda heard us, I suppose, and wandered down to see what we were up to. Actually, she was probably hoping I had an apple or a carrot for her, as I often do. I didn't have one, though, I wonder if that is why she stuck out her tongue at me. Ha!

She really is a lovely cow. A big, healthy, beautiful Jersey indeed.

I called her name and she came right over, like a great big dog... she couldn't actually get right next to me because of the fence but she is always happy to see me.

And now you have been properly introduced to Matilda. I do hope you like her, she is the queen of our barnyard and very special to me.

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