August 28, 2017

Hooray for Hay

Our winter supply of hay is here! *Big sigh of relief*! Hubby and our two teenage boys made a couple of trips to a nearby ranch to pick it up... four tons of glorious grass hay for our critters to munch on and nest into in the wintry months to come.

How thankful I was to see the hay laden truck and trailer coming up our driveway!

This lovely lady hopped right up onto the trailer to give her approval. We use hay for animal feed and also for bedding in our chicken and duck coops, it has always worked well for us. And the chickens peck through it for whatever tidbits they fancy, it keeps them entertained.

Our boys helped get it stacked. Some bales went into an outbuilding, some went alongside.

What a good feeling having a plentiful haystack is!

I think the ducks approve!

Getting our hay and firewood for the winter are our two biggest homestead preparations this time of the year. We don't produce either of those things ourselves, so it does feel like quite a relief to cross getting them off of the to-do list. Hooray for hay indeed!

I hope winter preps are going well at your place, too. Wishing you a lovely day ~

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