August 4, 2017

Home Sweet Homestead

a lovely monarch butterfly in our pasture
This is a poem I wrote that is meant to express the joy and contentment I find in our simple life.

Home Sweet Homestead

Our cozy little house
Perched upon a hill
Overlooks a view
That always gives a thrill

The pasture with its creek
Sits way down below
Home to wildflowers
That God has caused to grow

Our cow and goats and chickens
Keeping us well fed
Providing our large family
With our daily bread

My family is around me
I knit and bake and sew
The children play together
It is a lovely show

I do not need to wander
I have no desire to roam
My roots are firmly planted
There is no place like home

~ * ~ * ~

Ah, the lovely blessing of a quiet and simple life. Perhaps it seems mundane... but to me it is quite marvelous.

Have you ever written a poem about your life? I recommend you give it a go, doing so really reminded me to count my many blessings.

Wishing you a wonderful day, friends.

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