Field Trip

It is back to school time at our house this week. In getting things ready, I realized that I am about to begin my twentieth year of homeschooling our children. Twenty years, oh my! What a joy and blessing it has been so far! This year our classroom contains a high school senior all the way down to our youngest starting kindergarten.

Let the adventure begin!

We like to start off our homeschool year with something special, so it was perfect timing that the nearby raptor rescue center was having an open house and education day over the weekend. The fact that I adore birds, especially birds of prey, was just a lovely detail... {smile}.

We saw a wide variety of Montana raptors and learned a great deal about them. We often see the same kinds of birds flying over and around our homestead so it was quite interesting to see them up close. All of these birds are rehabilitated but would not survive being returned to the wild, so they are well cared for ambassador birds for the raptor center.

It was amazing to see a Peregrine falcon! I had never seen one before. (I got goosebumps... or maybe they were falcon bumps? Ha!)

This turkey vulture was adorable. She loved to show off her beautiful wings for us.

Isn't the Swainson's hawk pretty? We thought so...

A majestic great horned owl. Its handler said the owl is eighteen years old... which is exactly the age one of our lovely daughters turned this week.

Our children were able to dissect owl pellets to see what the owls had been eating. We learned that birds of prey are obligate carnivores. The very opposite of my vegan self.

And my very very favorite ambassador bird... this wee saw-whet owl. So cute!

It was an amazing day and we all learned something new about birds we love and sometimes see around our place. It was a delightful beginning to our twentieth(!) homeschool year, indeed.

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