Birthday Jaunt to the Mountains

Two of our eight children have August birthdays, and these two sisters have always enjoyed a family outing to the mountains as part of their celebrations. We are blessed to live in an area laden with open spaces to explore! Although for this traditional outing, we always go to the same campground for a picnic and a hike to the waterfall.

The day was lovely... perfect for spending time in the great outdoors. A touch on the cool side, with lots of sunshine. I wish I could take home the scent of this spot - fresh and clean pine scented mountain air. Glorious.

One of our adult children lives quite far away, but the rest of our family... the nine of us... talked and laughed as we headed up the path. There is never a chance of our noisy tribe surprising a critter along the way! {smile}

We saw several squirrels while we walked along. One of the boys spotted a garter snake as it slipped into the grass. There were also several deer about, a few chipmunks, and a marmot, too.

I took one of my dance hoops along. I thought that hooping in one of my favorite places would be an amazing experience. I was right about that!

It is only a mile to the falls. We stopped for a splash about and to take in the glorious beauty of it all before heading back down the mountain to our picnic spot.

So many sweet purple flowers along the path as we got close to the trail head again.

And then a picnic lunch. It was delicious! I have tweaked my homemade bread recipe to use almost no sugar or oil, and it is 100% whole wheat sourdough. I will be posting the recipe when I get it written up!

We have been going to this special place to celebrate our girls' special days for so many years now. I have a photo of my daughter who is about to turn 18 years old as a baby, sitting happily in the grass next to the table we picnicked at today. Memories indeed!

Traditions are fun, I think. Do you have a special place you return to each year as part of a birthday celebration?

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