August 15, 2017

At the Creek

We are blessed to have a creek on our homestead. A creek was one of the things I had really hoped for when we first began the search for a home sweet homestead of our own all those years ago... and I still feel a rush of thankfulness every time we are there.

The creek is a small jaunt from our house and barnyard. That is a blessing, too... it feels like a little get-away, but still close enough should someone need a drink of water or, shall I say, indoor plumbing.

We have eight children, I have been in the habit of locating the nearest bathroom wherever we go for nearly thirty years. {smile}

Back to the creek...

So we have been spending as much time as possible creekside. We love to splash in the water, look for creatures, watch the birds, and discover all kinds of interesting things. It is beginning to look like autumn already, my favorite time of the year.

The chokecherries are almost ripe. There aren't as many as usual this year, I suppose our dry, dry weather conditions and all the hungry birds are the cause of the sparse crop.

We spotted an empty nest amongst the chokecherry branches. Perhaps its owner will return next year.

So many interesting things to find in and near the water. Our children have always loved exploring and looking for treasures.

A few of the leaves are beginning to don their fall color. I have also noticed the shorter daylight hours and a definite nip in the air after the sun goes down.

The rosehips are still green... they will ripen soon. I like harvesting them for tea after they turn red. I dry them and grind them up. It's delicious, I think.

I took my yarn and crochet hook along. I like to have a simple, portable project along to work on when I am out and about. This is going to be a cowl for me... orange is my favorite color.

It was a good evening together. I hope we are blessed with many more! Do you have a special retreat at your place... or in your neighborhood? Perhaps a creek of your own?

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