Around the Farm

It was a deliberately quiet weekend at our place. We have been scurrying about for the past few weekends, and our upcoming to-do list is rather lengthy... so a couple of restful days seemed much needed and refreshing.

Saturday began with my hubby and I enjoying coffee together on our deck. We saw several birds and some deer, and it was lovely not having to rush about like we often do.

There have been a lot of eastern kingbirds around our place lately...

Later in the day, my dear hubby swept me away for a surprise lunch date! What a lovely treat that was. {smile}

Saturday evening, we all went down to the creek for a bit. Our old tractor sits along the way, I thought it looked pretty in the yellowing pasture.

Ah the creek! A favorite place of ours indeed. Just sitting along its banks is so refreshing. And watching my children enjoy each others company always makes me smile.

We noticed more signs that autumn is (quickly) approaching. In just a week there are a lot more leaves turning color.

Sunday afternoon kept us closer to the house and barnyard. My fix-it-all hubby was tending to some vehicle repairs and homestead maintenance, so the children and I made a big puddle for our ducks to splash around in.

All of the ducks' splashing and quacking completely intrigued our goats, it seemed. I have always liked seeing our animals interact with and keep an eye on each other.

Back inside, I bottled my gallons of kombucha and started a new batch, while we discussed our plans and hopes for our newly underway homeschool year. We are looking forward to the upcoming solar eclipse!

The time sped by, as weekends often do. Our youngest child asked recently why Saturday and Sunday are so much shorter than the rest of the days... {smile}. Good question, I think.

Wishing you a lovely start to your week, friends.

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