August 11, 2017

A Grateful Heart

Another week has sped by in a flash it seems. In spite of my attempts at deliberate slowness and appreciation for the moment at hand, there are things to be done that do keep me (and the rest of my tribe) busy. I hope it is busy-ness that matters... but it does seem to speed the clock.

My gratitude list helps to remind me to savor the moment at hand. To notice and to do what I am doing, fully... not to be merely present physically while my mind is on something else. It's a process indeed. I am learning to simply be and not constantly do.

Here are a few tidbits from the week that I am grateful for ~

:: My children and I went for a late summer wildflower walk in our dry, dry pasture. We found very few flowers, but there were so many butterflies on the ones we did see.

And my Jersey cow Matilda was resting amongst the butterflies.

It is always lovely to say hello to Matilda and give her a friendly pat. {smile}

:: I am also grateful for all of the deer we have been seeing. We went for a drive up our country road the other day, and spotted these two wee fawns in our neighbor's field. So sweet!

And since I don't have a garden area this year, I don't even mind when the deer jump into our yard.

:: Our firewood is nearly stacked. There should be more than enough to see us through the winter and beyond. All of those small pieces on the ground will be used as kindling. Our boys are stacking it in one of our outbuildings so it stays nice and dry.

:: A solution to my, "where do I talk about my plant-based fitness journey?" question. I decided to give my fitness hobby its own space... a sister-blog to this one, I guess. {smile} Please check out Run Hoop Julie if you are interested.

There is always something to be thankful for, I think. Is there something that you have been especially grateful for lately?

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