A Grateful Heart

Gratitude is a habit I seek to have in my daily life. I find that if I keep a gratitude list... sometimes written down, sometimes simply in my head... I am much more likely to notice and savor the little happenings that I might miss otherwise.

Of course every gratitude list I make starts the same way - I am thankful for Jesus, my wonderful husband, our children, our good health, our farm. But this is not about those things (which I consider to be my solid foundation) - it is about the things I might forget about if I wasn't determined not to!

So I want to regularly share gratitude on my blog. And since gratitude tends to be contagious, I am happy to spread it around.

A few recent things I am grateful for ~

:: All of the birds I have been seeing lately. We have had numerous bluebirds in our yard, hummingbirds on the feeder, house finches on the fence, and meadowlarks singing in the pastures. Birds make me happy, I love seeing them all!

:: My oldest daughter's birthday... 26! And she still wants to spend her birthday with her mama, how lovely is that? (plus she will bring her dog... my grand-dog {smile} whom I adore.)

:: Our firewood was delivered. We purchase slab wood from a mill - it feels good to use wood that might go to waste and we *love* having our wood stacked and ready to keep us cozy all winter.

:: And I am extremely thankful for strong teen boys to help get all of that wood stacked!

:: Blogging (again). Something has shifted in me... at 48 years old I feel confidently humble, if that makes sense. Happy and accepting of who I am, but in a quiet way. Maybe this is called maturity? {smile} It gives me the confidence to share my thoughts and our ways without expecting that others agree with me, and I don't feel as though I must fit anyone else's mold. It is quite lovely, really.

:: The effects of my plant-based fitness lifestyle. After years of weight fluctuations and zero body confidence I simply let all of the dieting and fitness programs go... I began eating according to my personal convictions (whole foods, no animal products) and that led me to start running and take up hoop dancing. I love living a kind, healthy, active life!

I am still undecided about how much of my plant-based fitness lifestyle I want to bring into this blog, but here is one change I am so thankful for...

I couldn't be happier and I feel great. {smile} The changes I have made have spilled over into healthier eating and more activity for my whole family, too!

There is always something to be thankful for, I think. And now I need to get my daughter's birthday cake made! What are you thankful for today?

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